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Fewa Taal Pokhara

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Feb. 21st, 2015 | 03:12 am
posted by: roshanrajclicks in melbournephoto

Originally posted by roshanrajclicks at Fewa Taal Pokhara
Folks at work tease me for being from poor country. Well they do that ‘coz I don’t go out to party or spend money like they do. I have my own reason for that. I have seen poverty very closely and I know the happiness of being able to help needy or buy food for homeless. I don’t mind them teasing me for being from poor country. Nepal definitely is not rich country and our GDP is low but our heart isn’t poor. It bleeds for humanity and is sensitive.

I didn’t thought I would share this image from Fewa lake in Pokhara or the thoughts I jotted above. But this morning, one of my colleagues after seeing my laptop wallpaper asked “where did I shoot this beautiful and serene lake with mountain.” I replied “from poor country that I belong to”. He thought I was teasing him but I wasn’t.


This shot was clicked at Fewa lake in pokhara. I love Fewa Tal and I always am mesmerized by song called “fewa taal ko aagan lai lai macchapuchre ko chayya”. The reflecting mountain is Annapurna South (I am not so sure, ‘coz Annapurna is a huge mountain range). And on a clear day, one can see reflection of Macchapuchre (English name Fish Tail) and Annapurna Mountain Range at Fewa lake. That must be such a majestic view.

I am heading off for lunch ‘coz i will have to get my butt back to work ASAP. You guys enjoy reflecting mountain range at Fewa taal, and please don’t forget to drop your comments, feedback and advise.

With Love

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